iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta: Prayer and the Holy Land on your tablet

Giacomo Pizzi10 April 2013

Praying is always possible because the time of the Christian is the time of the risen Christ who remains “with us always”. (Catechism of the Catholic Church).

The application, the first of its kind, offers to all Catholics the possibility of praying by means of the official prayer of the Breviary (Liturgy of the Hours), presenting the appropriate texts on a daily basis. In addition, the application can be used for participating in Mass: it contains all the texts of the readings used during the liturgical celebrations. iBreviary TS “Pro Terra Sancta” also contains all of the principal Catholic prayers and all of the Rituals used by priests and lay people for the celebrations of marriages, funerals, Anointing of the Sick, confessions, etc

From the home page there is direct access to all of the sites related to the world of the Custody of the Holy Land, and this allows one, for example, to remain constantly linked and updated about the projects being carried out by ATS pro Terra Sancta.

The application was the brainchild of the Italian priest Father Paolo Padrini and was brought to fruition by the programmer Roberto De Domenico (application) and the company Netguru s.r.l(database and data sources). It is now being made available through the collaboration with the Custody of the Holy Land and is promoted by the NGO ATS pro Terra Sancta.

The application is freely distributed throughout the world: it is available in numerous languages (Romanian, Italian, Spanish, French and English). The addition of Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish is currently in the works.

The application iBreviary pro Terra Sancta has been produced and will be continually enhanced, updated and enriched with new texts and languages, thanks to the support of numerous friends and supporters.

Also visit website www.ibreviary.com to download