A day with the children of Bethlehem

Giacomo Pizzi14 October 2010

Some welcome us shyly, but most part of the children and teenagers of the Holy Land College of Bethlehem, the School run by Franciscan friars, are curious and make themselves available  for pictures, films and questions. Many the impressions one brings back home after a whole morning in schoolrooms and courtyards, with children from the kindergarten, students from elementary, middle and high school: we attend some Arab classes, a Maths class, a religion class taught by the new deputy head of the School, Father Remi. A life full of difficulties and a future with few job opportunities, but much eagerness to learn and to make the best out of the school years to be able to count on a solid education and a school title tomorrow.

Have a look at the pictures taken at the Holy Land College in Bethlehem. And support the Christmas campaign for the Christians in need of the Holy Land!


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