CONFERENCE “WOMEN IN THE CHURCH: Builders of humanity”

Aleppo: A Name and a Future

On the occasion of the International Conference “Women in the Church”, to be held in Rome, on 7 and 8 March 2024, the Organizing Committee has chosen to support the project A Name and A Future, allocating the proceeds of the offers for registrations to the Conference in question in favor of the children and families of Aleppo, in Syria, through Pro Terra Sancta Association, in collaboration with the Custody of the Holy Land

The project

A name a future

In December 2016, Syrian government troops regained possession of eastern Aleppo, which had been crossed by the line of fire for two years. The city has been reduced to a pile of rubble, and East Aleppo remains the grimest theater of reconquest. Pro Terra Sancta is committed in East Aleppo to support the project ‘A name and a future’. Within it, care and protection are offered to all orphaned and abandoned children, especially where these children were born from episodes of sexual violence, frequent during the war. In fact, contempt for these girls and boys, as well as for their mothers, considered bearers of sin, is common. Newborns are even barred from entering the registry office.

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Areas of intervention

syria aleppo
Education and Assistance

Boys and girls are subject to emergency medical-psychological care and enjoy adequate growth space

syria aleppo
Training and Development

Women and mothers, on the other hand, are initiated into a profession, so that they can gain moral and material independence.

syria aleppo
Psychological support

In addition to the distribution of basic necessities and health care, we offer targeted psychological support and listening

A name a future

The Mobile Center

Aleppo Syria

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Women in the Church Conference March 2024

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All proceeds will be donated to support the project A Name and A Future