A pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Tell us about your experience!

Giacomo Pizzi8 May 2012

Many friends of ATS pro Terra Sancta have had the opportunity to learn about our activities from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land: before their departure, along the way, or when they returned home with a desire to know more about what is happening in the Holy Land.

While we are waiting to open the new section of our site that will be dedicated entirely to your pilgrimages, we re-make the proposal we made some times ago: tell us (even if only briefly) about your pilgrimage to the Holy Land, what struck you there and how you learned about our projects to support the Holy Places and the living stones who are its inhabitants. Find out more here!

We will read with great pleasure your accounts, your reflections and your comments. The messages we receive will then be published in the new section of the site, and will serve in this way as an incentive and aid for those who are about to set off on a journey to the Land of Jesus!