By Statute the organs of Association pro Terra Sancta are:

  • GENERAL ASSEMBLY deliberates on the program and activities of the Association, appoints the members of the various corporate bodies, and takes decision on the issues to be brought to the attention of the President and Executive Council.
  • EXECUTIVE COUNCIL responsible for administration of the Association, and formulates views and proposals concerning the activities.
  • PRESIDENT pro tempore is the Custos of the Holy Land – directs and coordinates the work of the General Assembly and Executive Council, has the task of implementing the objectives of the Association and ensuring that they are met.
  • DIRECTOR GENERAL in charge of operational and financial activities
  • SECRETARY GENERAL assists the President and ensures the functioning of the organs of the Association, draws up and signs the minutes.
  • AUDITOR oversees the administrative and financial management.


This is an advisory body, outside the framework of the organization, which seeks to group together an increasing number of donors, supporting their generosity and promoting a long-term link with the Holy Land.

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