Preservation and development

Caring for the Holy Places and development of the local communities

“……[You] humbly asked us to intervene with our Apostolic Authority towards providing for the needs of these same Holy Places by sending devoted friars…”…” Pope Clement VI

In 1342 Pope Clement VI proclaimed the bull that officially established the birth of the Custody of the Holy Land. Since then, the preservation of the Holy Places has remained the principal task of the Franciscan friars who live in these lands.

Over the centuries these places have become a cultural heritage and an essential resource for the entire region and the local communities, increasingly called upon as a source for rediscovering human growth and development opportunities.

Association pro Terra Sancta, in contributing to preserving the Holy Places, is committed to raising awareness of their value to all local communities, including the Jewish and Muslim ones. In addition, the activities of restoration and enhancement provide opportunities to train laborers and skilled craftsmen, occupying young people (encouraging the involvement of women and people with disabilities) and generating sources of income by facilitating social-entrepreneurial initiatives linked to sustainable tourism and new forms of hospitality. The restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage also facilitate and generate continual opportunities for meeting and coexistence among all the peoples who live in, and converge upon, this Land chosen and beloved by God.

Find out more about the projects of the area Preservation and development.

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