At Christmas Time a return to the beginning: the Christmas fundraising campaign continues throughout January

Giacomo Pizzi13 January 2012

Bethlehem is returning to normality, after the Christmas festivities which brought joy, lights and colors to this town, along with numerous pilgrims who came great distances in order to participate in the feast of the birth of Jesus in the very place in which it took place.

Children have now returned to school, the town has resumed its normal rhythm. And the fundraising campaign launched by ATS pro Terra Sancta has not ended, as it will continue throughout the month of January. There is still time to make a gift, to support this small but very important Christian community, rooted in the place that witnessed the birth of the infant Jesus.


Help the Custody of the Holy Land to care for the most fragile of the living stones:

the children, young families and elderly of Bethlehem.