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Bethlehem: a course to help mothers with relationship and communications problems with their children

Giacomo Pizzi3 January 2013

The first semester of the training course “Improving parenting skills in handling and proper communication with one’s children” for the mothers of the students at Terra Sancta College has concluded. The course involved 24 mothers, and the principal objective was that of supporting and reinforcing the role of the maternal figure within the context of the family, and in particular to help these mothers improve their communication with their children according to their individual needs.

Maureen Butto, the coordinator of the training course, explains that the initial lessons of the course served above all to collect the histories of the mothers, their problems and their needs. The information gathered then served as a base for the instructional lessons, which focused on a number of different themes and were given by specialist teachers.

Nisreen, a mother who attended the course, commented during the awarding of certificates of participation that “this was the first time that I have participated in a training course supported by the Terra Sancta College and I would like to continue with it next semester, since I am sure that I will help me to better handle my relationship with my children”.

Father Marwan Dides, Director of the Terra Sancta School, also underscored the importance of this training course, thanking the donors of the project who made it possible.

The course, promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta as part of the project of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled “Supporting Emergency Education in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories”, in collaboration with the AVSI Foundation, has now reached its third year of activity. The general objective of the project is that of responding to the educational crisis in the schools of the Palestinian Authority, offering young children and youths, and their families, the opportunity for cultural and human growth within a very difficult social context.