September 2012

Bethlehem: back to the classroom

Even in the Holy Land the first day of school is finally arrived like every year.  In fact, the lessons are started again for the 1020 students of the institute “Terra Sancta College” of Bethlehem, school run by the Franciscan friars of the custody of the holy land.

The return to the school activities is an important step for students, teachers, school staff and the Franciscans in Bethlehem.  Thanks to the project called “Supporting emergency education in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in collaboration with the AVSI Foundation and the project “Together at school, against difficulty” funded by the San Zeno Foundation, ATS pro Terra Sancta is providing support to the numerous children of a town signed by social, economic and political issues.

Among the news inserted in the curriculum, there is the strengthening of the Italian course given the closeness and affection of Italy for the Holy Land. Many students enrolled.  It will be offered two hours of Italian conversation per week with the collaboration of two ATS Pro Terra Sancta volunteers in order to ease the understanding and learning.

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