Bethlehem: Christmas arrives for the children of the Caritas Baby Hospital and the Aida Refugee Camp

Giacomo Pizzi23 December 2014

Christmas is approaching and the town of Bethlehem is celebrating. During these days, Association pro Terra Sancta’s involvement in serving the people, above all the children who are the real “stars” of Christmas, is more intense than ever. Accepting Jesus’ invitation to become like children, the volunteers have chosen to share this special moment with them.
And so, armed with colored stars, lights and colorful decorations, they have brought the joy of Christmas to the Caritas Baby Hospital, decorating the premises under the amused eyes of the young patients and their parents. This is the only pediatric hospital in Palestine, welcoming children from across the region, both Christians and Muslims.

The festive atmosphere then accompanied the Association pro Terra Sancta volunteers to the Christmas play put on by the youngsters of Aida Camp. The children’s joy and the Christmas carols overcame the cold and gray separation wall bordering the camp, which passes in the immediate vicinity of the kindergarten.

Here the volunteers were accompanied by a very special person: Santa Claus himself, who personally delivered to each of the 40 children the gifts he had brought: “The little ones could not wait to perform the Nativity of the Lord and to sing Christmas carols. Of course, since most of them are Muslims, we had asked the families for their permission and they were all very enthusiastic!” recounts one of the sisters from the kindergarten.

This moment of sharing, and of gifts offered to the children of the refugee camp, would not have been possible without the support of donors.

Thanks to you we are able to bring the joy of Christmas to the children of Bethlehem. This is why it is essential to continue to support the Christmas campaign on behalf of the poor and the young children in the land of Jesus.