Education and assistance

As Pro Terra Sancta we invest in the education of new generations in the Palestinian Territories as an essential action to build hope far a future of peace and development in a lanci battered by conflicts. At the same time we offer social assistance to the most needy.


Our activities in Bethlehem

Vincenzo Bellomo, Head of Pro Terra Sancta, Bethlehem


The living conditions in Bethlehem are not easy, and as often happens, it is always the most fragile, the children who continue to be born in the West Bank, who pay the price.

For this reason, for over fifteen years we have been in Bethlehem to take care of these little ones, to ensure them a just education and the possibility of a more beautiful future . We want everyone to have a chance in life, and we know that it is essential to start with education.

The elderly

The city of Bethlehem is experiencing a situation of particular economic and social fragility, which exposes the most defenceless groups to a serious need for assistance. Among the people most at risk from the point of view of loneliness and neglect are the elderly.

Our main purpose in this context is to ensure adequate and constant health care.

Dar al Majus

Dar al-Majus Community Home is located near the Basilica of the Nativity, in a place that preserves the memory of the Magi, as the name suggests. The ‘Community Home’ includes three areas of employment: a listening and support area, in which social workers offer concrete psychological help, especially to young people; an area of vocational training, to remedy the endemic scourge of youth unemployment; a cultural area, where education courses are provided. The Pro Terra Sancta offices are also in the Center.


Support the neediest in Bethlehem

Help us grant education and to assist the neediest of the town!