Discover more about the mothers from Aleppo


Aida is a mother from East Aleppo, she is 35 and she looks after two children alone in a city destroyed by war. One of them, 8-year-old Zain, is in second grade but is not registered because he was born after Aida managed to get a divorce from her abusive husband. To be able to pay the rent of the small room without windows and with damp walls due to the leaks in the roof that they call home, her mother and her two children work in a tailor’s workshop.

Thanks to the A Name and a Future project, we were able to get Zaid registered in the registry office and now Aida attends our evening literacy classes to be able to finish her studies, improve her working position and offer decent living conditions for her children.

Today we can celebrate with Aida, but there are still many mothers from Aleppo who need help.

We want to give them back a future by offering them an education and a job. Help us too !

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Mothers from Aleppo


 Muna is only 17 years old but she is already married and has a one year old baby. We met Doaa about her when she was still in her second year of high school and, after helping her improve her English, she proved to be an excellent and passionate student. Her father, however, imposed a marriage on her and she Doaa she found herself locked up in the house. Despite the threats and abuse from her family, Doaa never gave up and, after constant prayers to her husband, managed to get permission to go back to pursuing her dreams: studying to pass the entrance test. University next year and thus continue to enrich her knowledge and create a better future for herself and her child.

Mothers from Aleppo


 Miryam  “I had lost hope in the future and no longer wanted to do anything, but then I discovered that from a distant country there was someone who cared for me and supported me, so I started living again”. Miriam, 20, is a young mother from Aleppo. During the war she lost her father and mother from whom she inherited a small tailor shop that she did not have the courage to run. Of her husband, on the other hand, there is no more news of her. Today, thanks to the help received, you have decided to reopen. Due to the serious crisis, her sales are bad, but Miriam’s hope does not collapse and she keeps the shop open every day until midnight. “I don’t close the shop – she says – even if the sales are bad, I keep it open late because I don’t want to lose hope anymore. And I want those who pass by here to know that hope is still alive in Aleppo ”


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