Our main goals for 2022

During 2021 we have achieved important goals ,in terms of aid and assistance in the Middle East. Thanks to the action of friends and supporters like you we have done everything possible to be there and accompany the communities in hope

We still have many projects active in first aid, distribution of food and medicine and support in reconstruction.

These are our goals for 2022!

Why is there a lack of medicines in Lebanon?

A message from our volunteers and collaborators

After a full year from the explosion, Lebanon is now in a very critical situation.

Medical care is in crisis, pharmacists are on strike. The black market has very high prices, thus making it impossible for the most vulnerable to access medicines and basic care.

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The dramatic situation of Syrian families

Between economic crisis and humanitarian emergency

In light of a decades-long conflict, thousands of Syrian families are now living in extreme poverty.

Their children have no access to education or medical care, and are constantly exposed to violence. We can no longer allow that.

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A Name and A Future

To ensure a better future for the children and the communities

Since government troops gained the area of eastern Aleppo, the city has been reduced to a pile of rubble.

Here many children are now orphans and are often abandoned,especially where these children were born from episodes of sexual violence, very frequent during the war.

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Support our commitment

Help us again this year in order to bring hope to the ones in need!


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