Scoring change: the power of soccer

Soccer is more than just a game; it is a powerful tool for social change. It offers a sense of normalcy in abnormal situations, providing an outlet for expression and emotional release. By supporting this campaign, you are helping us creating safe spaces where children can play, grow, and thrive despite the challenges they face.

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I joined this project to counteract
the negativity present in society,
proposing something positive
and sharing my experience.
My children and I have experienced war firsthand,
but I wanted to share the good
that I have encountered
not only with my children
but with all members of our community.”


Aleppo: Terra Sancta Football Academy

In the heart of Aleppo, a city that has endured immense suffering, the Terra Sancta Football Academy, located at the Terra Santa College, stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. The Academy, opened last year, offers children and youth a safe haven where they can escape the harsh realities of their daily lives. Through soccer, these young individuals find joy, camaraderie, and a much-needed distraction from the trauma they have faced. By participating in this program, the children of Aleppo are given the opportunity to dream, to heal, and to envision a brighter future.


The Soccer Kids of Sebastia

A few months ago, in the midst of the violence, one of our collaborators, Shady, decided to organize a soccer tournament, involving many children and teenagers from Sebastia,  small town of 4,000 inhabitants in the West Bank. Trainings take place in a school: “We used to play,” Shady explains, “on a public field, but with the increasing violence, we preferred to move to an enclosed space where the children are safer.

As this pilot project is making a profound impact on the lives of local youth, we aim to construct dedicated soccer fields and secure the resources necessary to organize tournaments for years to come.


The power of sport

Join us in scoring a goal for change. Together, we can bring the joy of soccer to the lives of these young individuals and help them build a better tomorrow!

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