The elders of the Holy Land

In the present-day Holy Land, numerous elderly individuals endure lives of isolation and destitution, burdened by the conflicts and tensions ravaging the region. Abandoned by their own families and compelled to flee due to the turmoil and crises gripping the Middle East, they face dire circumstances. Regrettably, there is a significant lack of dedicated social assistance initiatives for these solitary and unsupported seniors in the area. Therefore, it becomes imperative to take action, ensuring they are afforded a life of dignity.


In Lebanon

Lebanon is currently grappling with a profound instability that permeates every facet of its social fabric. This precarious state of affairs stems from a confluence of factors, including a severe economic downturn and a healthcare crisis. In 2022, the World Bank identified Lebanon’s economic crisis as one of the three most severe worldwide since the mid-19th century. In light of these challenges, our endeavors revolve around addressing the pressing health crisis through the following initiatives:

  • Medicine, food packages, and hygiene kits
  • Outpatient service provided through the clinics in Tripoli and Beirut
  • Distribution of medicines and medical consultations

Hassan’s Story

Hassan, a 79-year-old man, is grappling with multiple severe health issues. Battling severe anemia and functioning with only one lung, in addition to heart complications, he reached a critical juncture when his family could not afford the essential treatment following a devastating internal bleeding episode. This dire situation led to a distressing loss of mobility, as his legs became swollen and deprived of proper blood circulation. However, fortune favored us when he was admitted to the hospital last week, receiving intensive care for several days. Currently, our efforts are focused on ensuring he receives the necessary medications, aiming to grant him more time and enhance his overall well-being.


In Syria

Syria is currently grappling with a profound crisis stemming from a convergence of factors, including the economic downturn, ongoing warfare, and the aftermath of the February 2023 earthquake. The Global Peace Index (GPI) for 2022 ranked Syria as the third least peaceful nation globally. In the same year, over 14.6 million people in Syria were in dire need of humanitarian assistance, as reported by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Our efforts to address this urgent situation encompass the following initiatives:

  • Medicines, food parcels and hygiene kits;
  • Realization of canteen service in Damascus and Aleppo;
  • Training and service of caregivers in Damascus.

Khalid’s Story

Khalid, aged 70, resides alone in a humble ground-floor room within a densely populated and economically challenged neighborhood called Jaramana, located on the outskirts of Damascus. Due to the ravages of war, Khalid’s home in Aleppo was destroyed, compelling him to relocate to Damascus where he has endured nine years of poverty without familial support. Through our dedicated senior support initiative, we have been able to assist Khalid by providing him with nutritious hot meals thrice weekly, and our regular visits serve both to spend quality time together and attend to his pressing needs. Despite the financial hardships he faces, Khalid unfailingly presents himself with impeccable attire, donning a shirt and suit while relying on his cane for support. His unwavering dignity remains a source of immense pride.


In Bethlehem

In Palestine, individuals without children face the challenge of lacking a support system to care for them. While the government should provide social welfare to those in vulnerable situations, it falls short in covering crucial medical expenses, particularly the more costly ones. Moreover, the disbursement of funds is irregular, with the “guaranteed” monthly amount often delayed and received only every three to four months. In light of this pressing situation, the Antonian Society is a private institution that opens its doors to elderly individuals in Bethlehem who find themselves alone and unable to meet their essential needs.

  • Medicines, food parcels and hygiene kits;
  • Distribution of medicines and medical advice;
  • Training and service of caregivers.

Noura’s Story

Noura, a 60-year-old woman, has been a resident of the Antonian Society for over ten years. Orphaned at a young age, she experienced profound depression and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital as her unmarried status made it difficult for her siblings to provide support. With the intervention of the Antonian Society’s social workers, she was discharged from the hospital and accommodated within the facility, where she received ongoing psychiatric care leading to improvements in her mental well-being. Alongside the challenges arising from her hospitalization, Noura also faces various physical ailments, including diabetes, thyroid issues, and the need for surgery to address an intestinal mass. Despite having government health insurance, it is insufficient to cover all the medical expenses, and therefore, the Antonian Society shoulders the majority of the financial burden.


To take care of them

Our mission is to alleviate suffering and improve the living conditions of those who find themselves in situations of extreme vulnerability: support our commitment too!