Your Name is written in the History of the Holy Land

  • Friends of the Holy Land have a special place in the heart of Jerusalem

Even this year the Book of Benefactors of 2022 was delivered by the Director General of the Pro Terra Sancta Association to the Custos. Your name will forever be written in the History of the Holy Land! Thank you for making your participation and for allowing us to carry out our mission in the Holy Land: find out how to make this bond even stronger!


In the History of the Holy Land

The book for us is not a simple recognition or a formality, but a new chapter in the great history of the land where we were all born. Because our mission is part of a story of love and friendship that has continued for centuries and tells of people who work incessantly for peace and dialogue and for the construction of hope in contexts too often afflicted by endless conflicts

The Book of Benefactors

Here your name will be kept forever together with the memory of kings, queens, princes and pilgrims and all those who over the centuries have supported with love and dedication the mission of safeguarding places and people in the Holy Land. If you want, you can support our daily commitment in an even more important way by activating a regular donation and linking your help to one of these activities. Find out more by clicking below!

Benefactors Book 2022
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book of benefactors holy land
book of benefactors holy land
The History of the Holy Land

to the Holy Land

Here are the projects you can support, with a regular donation, to support our commitment and mission in the Holy Land:


Make this bond even stronger and lasting

They have become part of the history of the Holy Land and are remembered every day in the prayers of the Franciscans, secular custodians of the Places of Christ.
Write your name in history!