Celebrating a wedding anniversary with a gesture of solidarity for the Holy Land

Giacomo Pizzi20 March 2012

Elio and Carla, two friends of the Holy Land, chose a lovely way to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary: they decided to send all of the money they received from friends and relatives to help finance a project that is supporting the living stones of Jerusalem.

The project to which they decided to send the funds is “Jerusalem, Stones of Memory”, a project to which they feel particularly attached. Elio is in fact an engineer, a builder of houses, bridges and roads; and now, through this gesture of solidarity, he – along with his wife and all their friends who are participating in this initiative – is helping to build houses in the Holy City, permitting Christians in difficulty to remain attached to their own land.

ATS pro Terra Sancta wishes to thank this pair of friends of the Holy Land for their generous contribution and their splendid initiative!