Communicating the Holy Land online – a master lecture for the friars of the Custody

Giacomo Pizzi1 October 2010

A master lecture for the new Franciscan friars at the Custody of the Holy Land to discuss faith and communication in the XXI century. Father Paolo Padrini, expert on web communication and creator of the lucky Iphone application “Ibreviary” met the seminarists of the Custody of the Holy Land to introduce the new applications to be developed in cooperation with ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Custody, soon to be available for millions of mobile users all over the world. And, on the other hand, to explain the importance of using wisely the new communication tools to be in contact with an ever increasing number of people.

In this regard, Pope Benedict XVI, on the occasion of the 44th World Social Communications Day, said: “Responding adequately to this challenge amid today’s cultural shifts, to which young people are especially sensitive, necessarily involves using new communications technologies. The world of digital communication, with its almost limitless expressive capacity, makes us appreciate all the more Saint Paul’s exclamation: “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:16) The increased availability of the new technologies demands greater responsibility on the part of those called to proclaim the Word, but it also requires them to become become more focused, efficient and compelling in their efforts. Priests stand at the threshold of a new era: as new technologies create deeper forms of relationship across greater distances, they are called to respond pastorally by putting the media ever more effectively at the service of the Word”.