Giacomo Pizzi25 May 2011

Anziani BetlemmeThe project sponsored by ATS pro Terra Sancta to care for older generations in Bethlehem is continuing successfully. Thanks to the support of the Spanish NGO Manos Unidas and Honorary Professor Sa’adeh Sahouri (physiotherapy lecturer at Bethlehem University), Societá Antoniana, which cares for 26 elderly people, has opened a physiotherapy unit.

The new physiotherapist, who is assisted by occupational therapy students, devotes her attention to the elderly patients five times per week. In addition to her therapeutic duties, she is also training staff at the care centre in order to continuously improve the quality of geriatric care and make people aware of typical age-related diseases.

The sisters who look after the residents there are delighted. Sister Immacolata, the head of the order, said: “I am truly amazed by the improvements that are apparent in some of our women. The best example is the radical improvement in the health of Julia, who has been unable to look after herself for a number of years and needed full-time care. Today, after two months’ of therapy, she can eat unassisted, and even walk.”

With your help, ATS pro Terra Sancta wishes to continue to support the activities of Societá Antoniana, in order to give the older residents of the home a dignified life.