April 2013

Easter greetings and friendship between the children of Bethlehem and Savona

The friendship between the girls at the Terra Santa Girls’ School of Bethlehem and the children in the schools of Savona (Italy) began shortly before Christmas, when ATS pro Terra Sancta received a request for “twinning” from a school in Savona.

The Terra Santa Girls’ School of Bethlehem joyfully accepted the proposal, and the students sent a short letter with Christmas greetings and a drawing. The children and young people in Savona responded with joy, sending before Easter an envelop full of letters and drawings via an unusual “postman”, Msgr. Vittorio Lupi, the Bishop of Savona. In this manner links of friendship were also created between the leaders of this small project: the teachers of the school and ATS pro Terra Sancta, both engaged with all their heart in aiding their students in their “work” for their new friends in another land.

Soon an envelope containing the replies to the letters received before Easter will be on its way to Italy. The Terra Santa Girls’ School and ATS pro Terra Sancta had already sent their greetings, in the form of a joint letter and some drawings made during Holy Week, on the occasion of the day of the “Grain of Friendship” organized by the schools of Savona, and now is the moment for the little ones to discover in depth the beauty of a friend who writes from far away.

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