December 2011

Educational issues in Bethlehem: school bags for the children of Christ’s birthplace

This year in the run up to Christmas, ATS pro Terra Sancta and friends will be supporting the youth and elderly population in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ.  The Franciscan Social Service Office (FSSO), official office of the Custody of the Holy Land, will be directing their efforts towards the most destitute families, elderly people who have no-one and those in ill health among Bethlehem’s Christian community. What follows is a brief account showing how even a small gesture can truly help a family in need:

S. has a very large and extremely poor family, with her husband G. and their 7 children.

G. works as a mechanic but his health has deteriorated over the past few years and he has become visibly weaker after being imprisoned for political reasons.

S. is trying to earn money to support her family by working as a hairdresser a few hours every day but having seven children to look after is not an easy task.

 The FSSO has helped S’s family, covering the enrolment costs for two of her children at a private school along with providing books and stationary. 

The FSSO also donated backpacks to a school a few weeks ago, 2 of which were given to S.’s children.

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