Elderly people, the poor and the whole Bethlehem community grieve the loss of Sister Immacolata

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Saturday August 1st sister Immacolata has passed away. Superior of the sant’Antonio Gianelli sisters who serve the Antonian Charitable Society in Bethlehem, in the last few weeks she was severely suffering and the fight against her illness was every day harder.

Sister Immacolata, of Jordan origins but for more than twenty years in Bethlehem, has been an example for many. Those who had the chance to know her, even for a few minutes, will certainly remember her talkativeness through which she entertained the poor and the pilgrims, but above all her humbleness and her benevolence.

She is a great loss for the whole community of Bethlehem, but we undoubtedly believe that the Lord shall keep a special place for her soul in Heaven, from which she shall guard us our mission with the neediest people.