Gaza, Syria… the countless tragedies in the Middle East and what you can do.


The Middle East is not familiar with truce. The humanitarian emergencies are still in full on more fronts than ever, the number of dead and injured keeps growing everyday and it is difficult to see a glimmer of anything other than violence. However, we cannot lose hope.

Bambino Siria

For more information about what Association pro Terra Sancta is doing in these territories upset by wars: 



We remain as close as we can to the victims of these conflicts,

keeping on supporting the friars and the religious people who are in the field, beside the population.


Thanks for the donations already arrived. Every contribution is essential to help those who suffer. The needs are huge and many people survive only thanks to the contributions that come from abroad, which get quickly transferred to the ground. 

If you would like to make a donation please click here. 

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