Help the Holy Land!

Giacomo Pizzi4 July 2010

Thank you for your support and constant interest in the projects and activities of the Custody of the Holy Land that are realized for the Christians in the Holy Land.

The projects implemented by the Custody of the Holy Land focus on several areas of activity: Christian Holy Places, Christian parishes and Christian schools, social and charitable associations, help for those in need in the Holy Land. The work of the Holy Land Association is based on the ultimate conviction that anyone who has had an encounter with Christ is able to share the Good News with others, and it is his duty to do so in and outside of the Holy Land

Continue helping the Holy Land by becoming a friend or partner of ATS Pro Terra Sancta, the non profit organization of the Custody of the Holy Land! You can do this by donate to one particular project you would like to help realizing. You can donate:

–          Online, by visiting our homepage


–          Through bank transfer:

ATS – Holy Land Association
Banca Popolare Etica
IBAN: IT67 W050 18121010 0000 0122691 – BIC CODE: CCRTIT2T84A


Every day at the Holy Places, the Franciscans remember all those who support the Holy Land.