Promote your activities while promoting one of our projects. We can work together to define an activity of Corporate Social Responsibility linked to the Holy Land.

Association pro Terra Sancta is willing to consider different forms of partnership and collaboration, and we therefore invite your creative contribution. We always have need for practical help, but above all for supporters who wish to contribute in different manners to the beauty, the hope, and the peace that the Holy Places have communicated for centuries to pilgrims coming from all parts of this world.

We offer companies and institutions, both public and private, the opportunity to participate in the work the Custody of the Holy Land has been carrying out for nearly eight hundred years to preserve the Holy Places and support the Christian presence in the Middle East.

Our projects, due to their social and cultural value and their unique character, can guarantee a very favorable return in terms of image to those who contribute to their implementation, creating a lasting historical link between their name and those of extremely meaningful places and projects. In addition to donations, always welcome, in favor of the indicated projects, we are prepared to consider any proposal you might have for support linked to “cause-related marketing” and the participation of your company and its personnel.

In coordination with our partners, we are also prepared to provide visibility to interventions carried out by placing commemorative plaques at the sites. In addition, agreements can be made concerning the use of pictures and films aimed at promoting continuing activities.

Our Internet sites and the magazines of the Custody of the Holy Land (the monthly Eco di Terra Santa and the quarterly The Holy Land Review, the latter also published in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arab versions) guarantee wide visibility to projects and their supporters.

Finally, the projects and activities carried out by ATS pro Terra Sancta are frequently featured in news reports broadcast by the Christian Media Center, which in turn are often retransmitted by other television stations, including TV2000 (Italy), KTO (France), María Visión (Spain), TeleLumière/Noursat (Lebanon), Canção Nova (Brazil), Tv-Trwan (Poland), Tv Lux (Slovakia), Tv Noe (Czech Republic).



For your clients we can suggest our pro Terra Sancta products. Contact us to discuss possible ways in which (for suitable quantities) these artistic products can be personalized!

A suggestion for the Christmas season: replace your traditional company gifts with a gesture of solidarity in favor of Bethlehem and the Holy Land. Greeting cards, single-page calendars and bookmarks with pictures of our projects in Bethlehem, and personalized with your company’s logo! Find out all the details!

In this way company gifts can be transformed into concrete actions in support of the living stones of the Holy Land: a gesture of solidarity that will reinforce the company’s Social Responsibility, strengthen its reputation with consumers and increase the motivation of its employees by performing a good deed for the Holy Land!


“We definitely need tangible help, but above all we need promoters to help us maintain and spread the beautiful message of hope and peace that the Holy Places have shared for centuries with visitors from all over the world”.

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