Supporters Council

“Everyone talks about the Lord
and gives praise to Him in Jerusalem”
 Tobias 13

The Supporters Council of Association pro Terra Sancta was born in March 2013. Its formed by people who want to be close to the Custody of the Holy Land and play an active role in helping to achieve the mission of the association.

All the members of the council are invited to take part in the annual meeting that is celebrated every year, preferably in Jerusalem, during the month of January. In this meeting the guidelines are set, and it is also the perfect time to look at the projects, to getting to know the community and seeing first-hand the reality of the Holy Land.

Joining the Council requires an annual donation of €1,000, which is renewed every January, and can be requested with this form. Once the request has been approved and confirmed by the Managing Committee, a certificate of “Pro Terra Sancta Supporter” will be issued and you will be part of theSupporters Council.

Main tasks of the Supporters Council:

  • Raise awareness of the scope and activities of the Custody of the Holy Land for the defense of Christianity and the Church, in its “living stones” and in those of the “memory” of its history;
  • Remind all Christians in the world of their belonging to the Holy Land and of their responsibility to the Mother Church of Jerusalem;
  • Communicate the programs and projects promoted by Association pro Terra Sancta;
  • Advise and help implement new fundraising strategies in relation to private and institutional donors;
  • Advise and help implement partnerships and alliances with businesses, nonprofit organizations and public and private institutions, as well as contacts and networking activities with international agencies and organizations;
  • Provide advice and proposals to the organs of Association pro Terra Sancta for enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage and for social and educational works in the Holy Land.

More information in the bylaws of the Supporters Council.

JOIN the Supporters Council! Fill in and send us the APPLICATION FORM.