Holy Land Museum: an opportunity for all nations to take part in the launch of Jerusalem’s Museum of Christianity

Giacomo Pizzi31 March 2014

In the days following the presentation of the Holy Land Museum project to various Consul-Generals of Jerusalem – which took place in the Convent of San Salvatore in Jerusalem on 7th March –  many newspapers picked the story up. The coverage highlights the great value of the initiative, in which the Custody of the Holy Land hopes to involve various nations.  The Vatican Insider, Avvenire, Oriente Cristiano, and the Aleteia website, both on its Italian and Spanish language versions, all spoke about the project.

The Osservatore Romano (the complete article is attached), said of the project, “This is a permanent exhibition for discovering the history of this extraordinary land in which, for thousands of years,  the destiny of the many populations who have live in the sacred places of the three great monotheist religions have intertwined in an incredible way.”

This is a museum, then, which will be a source of wealth for all, with no distinction as to faith or nationality. From this, the idea was born to invite the Consuls of Jerusalem to present the project, and to give them and their countries the opportunity to be a part of it. What the Custody of the Holy Land hopes for is indeed just that –  that all should feel involved in such a large yet unique project, and that, in the various countries, there may be areas of interest, public or private entities, who wish to contribute to the launch of the world’s first musem on the origins of Christianity.