iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta

Prayer and the Holy Land on your tablet

Praying is always possible because the time of the Christian is the time of the risen Christ who remains “with us always”. (Catechism of the Catholic Church).

Thanks to the iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta, available in its newest version on iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, it is possible to join in prayer through the recitation of the Breviary and the readings used in the sanctuaries of the Holy Land, and at the same time to keep up to date with the activities of the Franciscans in the Holy Land and support their charitable initiatives.

Each day millions of Catholics throughout the world pray and celebrate Holy Mass. Using iBreviary, they can now join in prayer on their mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, thereby feeling increasingly connected to the Holy Land and the Church that lives in it.

The application is freely distributed throughout the world: it is available in numerous languages (Romanian, Italian, Spanish, French and English). The addition of Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish is currently in the works.

The application allows one to:

  • Pray using the daily texts of the Breviary.
  • Celebrate Mass or participate in it through the texts of the Missal and the Lectionary.
  • Celebrate the Saints of the Holy Land and of all the Franciscan families.
  • Learn about the life of the Saints and pray using their special prayers.
  • Pray by means of the multitude of Catholic prayers contained in the application.
  • Transmit knowledge of the celebrations of the Holy Land, by sharing texts with one’s friends.

From the home page there is direct access to all of the sites related to the world of the Custody of the Holy Land, and this allows one, for example, to remain constantly linked and updated about the projects being carried out by ATS pro Terra Sancta.

The application iBreviary pro Terra Sancta has been produced and will be continually enhanced, updated and enriched with new texts and languages, thanks to the support of numerous friends and supporters.

To learn more: www.ibreviary.com



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