In Jericho a small guest house is to be used to welcome pilgrims

Giacomo Pizzi14 June 2012

While construction works on the new Terra Sancta school are continuing, a second project is being launched in the Parish of the Good Shepherd in Jericho.

In the lower part of the kindergarten a small guesthouse is being set up which will be able to lodge groups of pilgrims who visit this Palestinian city. Despite being an important pilgrimage destination – nearby are the site of Jesus’ baptism, the Mount of Temptation and the sycamore tree that memorializes the encounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus – and being home to a small Christian community, Jericho currently does not offer any accommodation suitable for pilgrims.

For this reason, and with the support of Belgian Development Cooperation, ATS pro Terra Sancta is planning to fix up the rooms in the Franciscan Parish of the Good Pastor in order to create an ambience – very basic but comfortable – in which groups of young pilgrims can be accommodated and come into contact with the Christian community of Jericho.

The project, which has recently been approved, provides at the same time for the involvement of the local population: a number of local women will be employed in the management of the guesthouse and will be responsible for welcoming groups.