Inauguration in Hebron of the exhibition of antique Palestinian mosaics

A great success for the exhibition “Holy Land Mosaics”, which was inaugurated 19 July at the Museum of the Old City in Hebron. More than 1,000 people, mostly Palestinian, came on the opening day to see the exhibition that recounts mosaic art in Palestine by means of copies of some of the most beautiful examples found in this country. Among the authorities visiting the exhibition was the Palestinian Minister for Local Government, Dr. Kalod Qawasimi, who was able to admire the various sections of the exhibition under the guidance of the Mosaic Centre’s Director, Osama Hamdan.

The exhibition is being mounted by the Mosaic Centre of Jericho in collaboration with ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), with financing from the European Union. The copies exhibited have been produced by eight mosaic artists, two European and six Palestinian, using ancient techniques and materials. The mosaics selected come from a wide variety of both locations (churches, mosques, palaces, mansions, etc.) and historical periods, and testify to the rich and diverse historical, cultural and religious traditions that coexisted in the past in this territory.

The exhibition is part of a large celebration being held in the city of Hebron on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, and will be on display in the Museum of the Old City from 19 July until 8 August, with the aid of a number of students from the faculty of Architecture in Hebron. It will then move on to Europe.


For a number of years the Mosaic Centre of Jericho, with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta (ATS), has been trying to revive mosaic art, which was so important and relevant in ancient times in the Palestinian Territories, and to provide skilled staff with the training they need in order to be able to carry out in a professional way the preservation and enhancement of this great heritage. To preserve the cultural heritage of Palestine is not only an opportunity for cultural exchange and dialogue, it is a must for the benefit of the future generations of all humanity. It also represents one of the best opportunities for sustainable development through sustainable tourism for the region.


For further information please contact:

Arch. Osama Hamdan, Director of the Mosaic Centre of Jericho, (+972) 0522 500055

Mosaic Centre of Jericho (+972) 02 2326342

Dr. Carla Benelli, Project Coordinator for ATS pro Terra Sancta (+972) 0546 358706


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