Jericho: a new guest house in the oldest city in the world

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ATS pro Terra Sancta opened the first affordable guest house in Jericho, thanks to financing obtained from the Belgian Cooperation. The benefits are twofold: visitors and pilgrims will be able to stay in the oldest city in the world and new jobs will created for several local unemployed Palestinians.

Jericho is the oldest (and lowest, at 260 metres below sea level) continuously inhabited city on Earth. It is situated in the West Bank, near the River Jordan, and has a population of around 19,000.

The area boasts many a tourist attraction (archaeological sites, biblical places, monasteries and desert oases), but a particular problem is that of finding low-cost accommodation, especially for pilgrims, young people, student groups and volunteers.

ATS pro Terra Sancta, therefore, set up a guest house to meet the needs of these travellers within the Franciscan parish of Jericho. The environment is young, practical, comfortable and above all, open to everyone. The project also aims at creating new work opportunities for a small group of socially disadvantaged women.

For information and bookings please phone +972-2-2322532


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