Jerusalem. Leonardo da Vinci, the continuous search for truth and the contribution we can make today in the Holy Land

Giacomo Pizzi21 June 2019

On the occasion of the celebrations for the Italian Republic Day, the Italian Consul in Jerusalem invited the many Italians who live and work in Jerusalem to a ceremony held on Thursday 13 June on the Casanova terrace, one of the best points to admire the Gerosolimitane landscape : “We decided to celebrate in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. From here you can see the Holy Sepulcher, Al-Haram Al-Sharīf / Temple Mount, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, the Hebrew University, and much more, all symbols of different religions, identities and communities, the same communities that are here represented today, who beyond their diversity celebrate the same fundamental values ​​of all humanity, “said consul Fabio Sokolowicz.

This year’s celebrations are dedicated to an Italian genius known throughout the world: Leonardo Da Vinci. On 500th anniversary of his death, throughout Italy and beyond, there have been numerous ceremonies dedicated to the multifaceted artist and scientist. Leonardo was indeed an architect, a painter, a sculpture, he wrote many essays, he was a set designer, anatomist, musician, engineer and designer. “Leonardo perfectly embodies knowledge and culture, continuous research and investigation into truth, the search for perfect representation”, continues the consul, “celebrating it today means: carrying forward innovation, art, culture and continuous research recognized by Worldwide”.

The consul concludes his speech by trying to ask himself what Leonardo would think if he were in this same place, answering that he probably would have first of all painted the marvelous view of the city that one can admire from here, to then quote the very words that the artist was usually say: “our knowledge comes from our perception”. Sokolowicz continues: “We all have sufficient knowledge of this land and the problems that afflict it, but the perception we have from here looking around is the harmonious, diverse community.”

Leonardo’s eclecticism and genius, as well as the variety of religions and identities that coexist together are also found in the book Italy and the Holy Land: A fruitful relationship by Alessandro Carboni, presented during the evening. The volume was created thanks to the contribution that the PMSP, Palestinian Municipalities Support Program of the Italian Consulate in Jerusalem gave to the Association pro Terra Sancta and to the Custody of the Holy Land, as part of the support that Italy has given to the Terra Sancta Museum .

The book is the result of one of the major projects promoted by the Consulate to talk about the Italian presence in the Holy Land of many researchers, scientists and explorers who are remembered. A contribution in so many fields from the scientific to the cultural and diplomatic that have enriched this land.

The volume begins with the emblematic example of the poor man from Assisi who first opened the dialogue with Muslims in the famous meeting with Sultan Al Malik al Kamil, up to the most recent meeting of archaeologists such as Corbo and Piccirillo.

The words of the consul perfectly match those of the Custos of the Holy Land in the preface to the volume: “the hope I have is that anyone who works in this land, religious or secular, be it Italian or any other nationality and culture, Christian, Jewish or Muslim or other faith, make sure that this Earth can be what it is already in the dream of God: the place where we are all born and the place to which we are all invited to ascend to meet Him and meet Him “.