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In Lebanon and Syria, there are numerous young individuals brimming with ideas and a desire to build a future for themselves. However, they are discouraged by a challenging situation and an unprecedented crisis that offers little room for hope. With our project, we aim to support the vision of these young people. Every year, we select around 30 of them who, with the help of WIP, bring their startups to life. But they are not alone!

Work In Progress

Work In Progress is a project designed to instill hope and restore dignity among determined young individuals residing in countries burdened by severe economic and social challenges.

Work In Progress was created for young individuals who possess ideas, ambition, and aspirations for a future in their own countries, despite enduring circumstances like residing in a nation where the public debt has been paid off with the savings of its citizens, like Lebanon. This initiative is dedicated to those who believe in the potential of young people and their ability to shape the future.

Our primary objective is to actively contribute to the recovery of the local economy by providing professional training to a carefully chosen group of young entrepreneurs. Through training sessions and workshops, we aim to equip them with essential skills and knowledge, including the effective utilization of operational tools and the art of presenting their ideas in the most compelling manner possible. By doing so, we hope to facilitate their journey towards success and contribute to the overall growth of their respective communities.

We engage with approximately one hundred young individuals aged between 20 and 35. We attentively listen to their business ideas, whether they are new concepts or ventures already in progress. Out of these proposals, we carefully select the top 30 submissions, which are then categorized into two distinct types: Business First, focused on entrepreneurial ventures with the potential to generate new employment opportunities, and Social Impact First, aimed at initiatives with a strong emphasis on creating significant social change.

The 30 chosen candidates will participate in a comprehensive life skills and business training program. This training aims to guide them in developing a robust business plan and transforming their ideas into tangible ventures. Through this program, we equip them with the necessary skills to present their proposals to a committee. The committee evaluates the projects and selects the most promising ones to receive financial support. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and guidance to the chosen entrepreneurs throughout the initial two years, enabling them to establish their businesses successfully and, in the future, provide employment opportunities to others.

Tutti i candidati vengono preparati per la presentazione davanti alla Commissione che sceglierà coloro che ricevono un premio come vincitori -categoria “Winners”- e coloro che invece ricevono altra formazione e un piccolo contributo perché devono acquisire maggior esperienza prima di partire -categoria “To work on”-.

La commissione assegna ogni anno circa 70.000€ ai candidati “Winners” e 20.000€ per i candidati “To work on”. I vincitori vengono poi seguiti per due anni dai “WIP Tutors” e dal nostro staff libanese che li aiuta nella fase di start up.

WIP 2022

Winners of the first edition

Jimmi Jabbour


The proposed business concept aims to address the prevalent demand for electricity during events and special occasions by offering portable electric generator rentals. The initial plan involves operating this rental service for a period of 12 months, after which the intention is to sell two generators and utilize the proceeds to invest in batteries and a larger truck. Looking ahead to the 24-month mark, the goal is to transition the electric generators into environmentally friendly energy solutions. This strategic shift aims to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the business. By adopting greener alternatives, the business can contribute to reducing its environmental impact while also catering to the growing market demand for eco-friendly solutions.

– Business First Cathegory

The project was financed with a grant of $8,000. The winner received $3,200 in the form of a grant and $4,800 as a loan. The latter should be repaid after 12 months without any interest rate.

Julia Chebli

Mavie’s Word

The primary goal of this business idea is to address the issue of school dropouts by providing an after-school service that ensures a high standard of education. This service aims to support parents who are currently juggling multiple jobs to sustain their families by offering assistance in their children’s education. Mavie’s Word aims to create a secure environment where children can learn effective study methods, enhance their understanding of various subjects, and foster critical thinking skills.

– Social Impact First Cathegory
wip lebanon

The project was funded with a contribution of $3,500 divided into two tranches: the first tranche of $2,000 and the second tranche of $1,500 after six months.


Support WIP project

Our objective for 2023 is to enhance our fundraising efforts, enabling us to expand the number of recipients and provide more aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in the WIP program. We aspire to initiate a virtuous cycle of sustainability and development. We are actively seeking individuals and companies interested in empowering young people by supporting their entrepreneurial endeavors in Syria and Lebanon.