Meet me in the sound, through music. The Music Therapy course in Bethlehem

“You will find me in the sound”: you will find me, you will meet me through sound and music. This is the title of the Music Therapy course addressed to 27 participants from Bethlehem and the surrounding area, which ended a few days ago with the award of diplomas.

“Yes! We will meet in sound, with music” the local director of the course tells us, “because music is an extremely important vehicle for approaching the patient. Music therapy can help overcome the initial misconceptions and prejudices, as much as becoming a means to nourish the soul and not just the body of patients with disabilities. Almost all patients respond to music. Music becomes the right key to getting the patient’s potential energy and allowing it to develop, if properly used and in a professional way. “

This was the purpose of the course: to deepen the musical therapeutic abilities and to widen the working possibilities of the participants.

The initiative, coordinated by the Association pro Terra Sancta, has reached its fourth edition, thanks to the partnership and the contribution of the Catholic University of Milan. The 40-hour course was held by a professor of the University, prof. Dario Benatti, and has seen a good deal of involvement and commitment of the participants. All of them are local operators in the field of rehabilitation and care for children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

“I’m a professional musician,” says Hanin, one of the participants, ¬†working in a centre in Gerico, “so I was already aware of the potential of musical practice for the development of the person, but this course helped me to better understand the importance of Music on a therapeutic, pedagogical and relational level “.

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