January 2013

Mosaics of the Holy Land – a bridge of peace across the Mediterranean

Full-size copies of a number of mosaic masterpieces from the Holy Land are exhibited, produced by Palestinian mosaic artists from the Mosaic Center of Jericho and their counterparts from Italy making use of the same colors and materials (stone mosaic tile, glass, gold and mother-of-pearl) used in the originals.The exhibition includes a catalogue and explanatory panels illustrating the original mosaics, their history, their current situation and condition, and the manner in which the copies were made. The variety of locations where the original works were found (churches, palaces, mosques, religious schools, etc.) and of historical periods in which they originated give an opportunity to reflect on the rich and diverse history of this land and its extraordinary cultural heritage, on which so many different people have left their mark.

The exhibition has been produced by the Mosaic Center of Jericho and was made possible by contributions from the European Union and ATS pro Terra Sancta. Until now, it has been hosted in:

 Jerusalem, Al Quds University, on May 2011.

–  Hebron, Old City Museum, on July 2011.

–  Mazara del Vallo (Italy), Santa Veneranda Church, on September 2011.

–  Milan (Italy), Palace of the Regional Council of Lombardia, on December 2011.


“We are seeking to build bridges of peace through culture as a reminder that cultural memory and heritage belong to everyone regardless of their religion”. Osama Hamdan, architect and collaborator with ATS pro Terra Sancta. 

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