February 2012

New opportunities in the crisis: saving is virtuous

Jerusalem - Stones of memory-04In times of economic crisis, like the one that the world is currently experiencing, it becomes important to identify new strategies and build opportunities that turn a period of economic distress into a constructive opportunity.

With this purpose was created “Risparmio Virtuoso” (virtuous saving), the original project of the company Garbini Consulting, aimed at creating saving opportunities for companies involved in the project. The purchase of large quantities of products/services (energy, telephony, transport) on the market can dramatically lower the cost for each company, allowing to use the services needed at a lower price.

Garbini Consulting will donate part of his compensation to non-profit organisations, identified from time to time, turning savings into an opportunity to show solidarity.

“Risparmio Virtuoso” was presented during the press conference for the pipe organ concert at the Magnificat Institute in Jerusalem, directed by Father Armando Pierucci. This year’s donation will be given precisely to the Jerusalem school of music and it will support the project “Magnificat – Music in the Holy City“, promoted by ATS Pro Terra Sancta.


It is the first time that ATS Pro Terra Sancta receives contributions from a company through a corporate social responsibility action. We hope that the idea of intelligent solidarity will continue to spread in the future!

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