New stage for Sabastiya’s exhibition: the Biblical Festival of Vicenza

Giacomo Pizzi16 May 2012

On the 19th of May, at the Loggia del Capitaniato of Vicenza, will open the exhibition “Sabastiya, the fruits of history and the memory of John the Baptist“, dedicated to the small Palestinian village of the ancient Samaria. The exhibition is introduced by Carla Benelli, assistant of ATS pro Terra Sancta and in charge of the project named “Sabastiya: between past and present”.

The exhibition is hosted inside the eighth Biblical Festival of Vicenza, an event taking place from the 18th to the 27th of May.  In particular, the exhibition is opening the new section “Linfa dell’Ulivo” (“Lymph of the Olive Tree”), an international symposium promoted by the Pilgrimage Office of the Diocese of Vicenza, which will host important people in the knowledge of the Holy Land and its history.

The exhibition retraces, with photos, videos and descriptive panels, the history of the ancient Samaria, of its archaeological site and of the ancient village where rests the Grave of Saint John the Baptist. From the ancient times up to now, the exhibition tells about the project sustained by ATS pro Terra Sancta, a project of conservation and development of the village, of the new guest quarters, of the day care centre for pilgrims and tourists.

The Festival and the Exhibition propose themselves as opportunities to know and deepen the beauty of the Holy Land and its  riches. For further information on the event you can visit www.linfadellulivo.it.

Enclosed the poster of the exhibition!