News from Bethlehem: our Christmas Campaign goes on


As Advent begins, we send our news from Bethlehem; many pilgrims are arriving to visit the Grotto where Baby Jesus was born, especially at this time of the year. Thanks to the help of many friends, we continue to support the work of the Franciscan friars. They take care of the poorest in Bethlehem – children, disadvantaged families and sick people.

stella Betlemme

Our latest news:

Advent begins: discover how the poorest of Bethlehem experience this, and how you can help them

At the day center of the Società Antoniana, the elderly are enjoying the sun: some perform stretching exercises in the open air, others play cards. But the cold weather of recent days has served as a reminder to everyone that winter has arrived, and that no one will be spared. In Bethlehem, in fact, many families do not have sufficient drinking water or gas for cooking and heating, and in the absence of help face the prospect of spending Christmas in the cold. Read more…

Bethlehem, the water problem and Ilyas’ story

In a land where drought is persistent for several months a year, most families —and particularly those in the poorest and most vulnerable communities— do not have enough drinking water.  Read more…

“Here you can still breathe the scent of hope”: a month in Bethlehem bringing smiles to young children

Valerio, a young Sicilian who is 32, spent more than a month aiding youngsters in Bethlehem: in the morning helping out as a cook for the sisters of the Home of Peace, and in the afternoon taking care of disabled children at the Hogar Niño Dios. Read more…

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