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O blessed are those who love you, for they shall rejoice in your peace. 
(Tobias 13)


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Terra Sancta Museum, ceremony of laying the foundation stone by the Custos of the Holy Land

Thursday 25 June took place the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the creation of the Terra Sancta Museum, the world’s first museum dedicated to the roots of Christianity […]

Emergency Syria: a summer camp brings joy to the heart of Aleppo

“We have recently started a summer camp for the children of Aleppo. Initially there were 50 and then, in just a little while, it was up to 120 attending!” says […]

Discovering the Dominus Flevit: first visit for 15 girls from a school at the Mount of Olives

On Tuesday 9th June there was the first visit to the Dominus Flevit by some girls from the At-Tur Girls School, at the Mount of Olives. Fifteen 11-year-old girls visited […]

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The Magnificat turns 20: a celebration with music and memories

“The Magnificat school was founded in June 1995. At that time there were few students, approximately 25. And then it grew, and today we have about 200 students; we went […]

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We are working to open in Jerusalem the only museum in the world devoted to the roots of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places.

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