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O blessed are those who love you, for they shall rejoice in your peace. 
(Tobias 13)


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Ceramic art and a new guesthouse: giving a new hope to another village in Samaria

Nisf Jbeil is a small village, 300 souls and a few donkeys, located in the hills of Samaria a few kilometers from Sabastiya. Here for the past few months the […]

Meet the children of the School Support program in Bethlehem

With the beginning of the school year, the School Support program of the Terra Sancta College in Bethlehem has started once more. The program was created to help students who […]

Aleppo, the Franciscan Church hit by a blast, trembled but did not fall. Father Ibrahim: “Our Holy Mother protected us”

Sunday 25th of October at 5:00 PM, the Franciscan Church in Aleppo was hit during the evening Mass. Luckily, as Father Ibrahim explains in a letter he sent us: “The […]

The “real” balm of Jerusalem: journey through the old medical books of the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land

From: This month, the Library of the Custody of the Holy Land published a “virtual” exhibit on its official website entitled, “The ‘real’ balm of Jerusalem”. A total of […]

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Terra Sancta Organ Festival: concerts in Israel and Palestine until the end of October

In the Middle East, where there is a pipe organ, there is a church. The organ is a sign of the Christian presence here and the Terra Sancta Organ Festival […]


 Exhibition of the Library of the Custody of the Holy Land 3rd – 5th of November: books as a technique for the preservation of texts from the Middle Ages to today.
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