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O blessed are those who love you, for they shall rejoice in your peace. 
(Tobias 13)


find out our latest news from the Holy Land
and about the projects of Association pro Terra Sancta!


About those Muslim schools visiting the museum on the Via Dolorosa

“We want to go back to the Terra Sancta Museum!” The students of the Al-Nur school of special education keep on repeating this motto, at the end of the visit to […]

The assistance to the Living Stones in Bethlehem continues: the Foundation François d’Assise in support of the needy

A sigh of relief for the sick, the elderly and the children of Bethlehem, thanks to the generous support of the Fondation Françoise d’Assise to the work of the Franciscan Social […]

Our visit to the refugees in Rhodes: the commitment of Father Luke and the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta

They wait all day, doing nothing. Some of them only wait for a few days, others for weeks, and in some cases they wait for months. They are all refugees […]

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