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O blessed are those who love you, for they shall rejoice in your peace. 
(Tobias 13)


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Christmas in Bethlehem: the faces of a living nativity scene

At Christmas the nativity scene is set up and reproduced in the cribs, all over the world. The Grotto of the Baby Jesus represents the heart of this sacred and […]

bethlehem children

Christmas alongside the sick children of Bethlehem

“I wish you all to be touched not only in front of the baby boy of the crib, but in front of every child in flesh and blood”. The wish […]

presepi in terra santa

To make cribs in the land of Jesus

Following a proposal made many years ago by the great Franciscan archaeologist, Fr. Michele Piccirillo, today Maurizio Enrico Villa has decided to export the art of the crib from Italy […]

Campo dei pastori


Discover the “Shepherd’s Field” in Beit Sahur, the place where the Angel brought the first announcement of Salvation. The Association pro Terra Sancta supports the restoration works on the site, to improve accessibility to the site and clean it up.
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