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O blessed are those who love you, for they shall rejoice in your peace. 
(Tobias 13)


find out our latest news from the Holy Land
and about the projects of Association pro Terra Sancta!

Aleppo children

Aleppo: mending wounds of the little Syrians

Basel * wakes up every night with the fear of being hit by a missile. His father was mutilated three years ago and now has prosthetics instead of his hand […]

restauratori senza frontiere

The building mortar at the construction sites of the Terra Sancta Museum

To reproduce using what is already there. Tiles found in storage, earthenware pots and hollow bricks are just some of the elements that are being used by the restorers of […]

Restauri Betania e Venaria

Turin and Bethany, together to restore

“Teacher slowly slowly !” Says Ahmad, while with a white coat and a syringe in his hand he intervenes on an old vine trunk. With him, Ayman is drawing the […]

Viaggi Betania

A walk through the Holy Land

Dicovering new paths around Bethany, in the footsteps of Jesus. “Everyone has walked in his life and the journey is part of Faith“. Pietro Labate has been working as an […]

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