September 2010

Non nobis- Christmas in The Holy Land

“Non nobis Domine, sed nomine Tuo da gloriam!”- These words sum up perfectly the hopes of those organizing and performing in this years Christmas concerts, giving praise to The Lord through music and singing, lending their hands and voices to create an offering of true beauty.

The Event:

Non nobis – Christmas in The Holy Land: Two exclusive concerts will be held in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, showcasing the talents of the Magnificat Institute of The Custody of the Holy Land and the Orchestra of the Academy of Arts.

The Dates:

Thursday 23rd December 2010 – Jerusalem, Concert held in the Immaculate Conception hall

Friday 24th December 2010, 5.00pm – Bethlehem, concert held in the Crusaders hall

Friday 24th December 2010 – Bethlehem, Midnight mass to be held at Saint Catherine’s Church (next to the Nativity grotto)

The Program:


Antonio Vivaldi: The Calm of Christmas Eve RV270

Violin solo by Alberto Bramani

(10 minutes)

Arcangelo Corelli:  Concerto Grosso for Christmas Eve op.6 n. 8

(15 minutes)

Franz Schubert: “Death and the Maiden” Arrangement by G.Mahler for the string orchestra – D810

(38 minutes)

Midnight Mass

P. Armando Pierucci: “S.Jacobi” Mass

Bach – Air on G String

Orchestra, chorus and soprano soloist

Musicians and other Participants:

The Magnificat Institute of the Custody of the Holy Land is located in the heart of Jerusalem’s old city.   It was created as part of a vocation, guaranteeing with and for the Custody of the Holy Land the continuation of church services in sacred lands e.g.: The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  It was established in the spirit of creating a place of education in today’s tense society where students and teachers from diverse backgrounds come together and learn in a peaceful atmosphere based on mutual respect.  Within the institution, people of all religions, whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam, join together to learn the art of music.

The “Accademia delle Opere” was born out of a need to witness moments of truly beautiful sound, as many believe music to be the most effective way in which to provide answers to the infinite and beautiful desires of mankind.  The rediscovery of tradition and development of the sacred musical repertoire is the main aim of the Academy.  Their orchestra is composed of musicians who share the style and objectives of the Academy.  These musicians are sourced from many prestigious national and international companies, such as The Tuscan Philharmonic, the Maggio Musicale of Florence and the Musical Theatre of Milan.  The Academy also recruits guest stars from world-renowned companies such as the Orchestra of the Festival of Bayreuth, The Bayerischer Rundfunk, and the Hamburg NDR.

The Organisers:

Syncre srl, an organization created to promote international relations between certain businesses through arts and culture, is overseeing this project.  Syncre is also involved in social projects, creating high-quality cultural events to support charitable initiatives.


Support ATS Pro Terra Sancta and the Custody of the Holy Land in this initiative!

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