May 2013

Presentation of the Terra Sancta Museum project in Milan

On Tuesday 21 May 2013, Fra Renato Beretta, General Visitor of the Custody of the Holy Land, will make a presentation in Milan on the project for the TERRA SANCTA MUSEUM, scheduled to open in 2015 in Jerusalem.

Participants will includes the organizers, museum specialists, architects and all the collaborators who for more than two years have worked on the project to create the only museum in the world devoted to the roots of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places. Over the coming months presentations will continue in numerous Italian and foreign cities. We wish to express our thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo for having hosted this first encounter in their prestigious headquarters in Milan.

The TERRA SANCTA MUSEUM will be devoted to the theme of Christian and Franciscan history in the Holy Land. The countless pilgrims and visitors from all over the world will be offered a cultural excursion which is flexible, but at the same time methodologically rigorous, divided among three separate thematic areas located in the Old City of Jerusalem and, in the future, extended to other sites in the Holy Land. A permanent exhibition for discovering the history of this extraordinary land, in which the fates of many peoples living together in the holy places of the three great monotheistic religions have been intertwined, often in mysterious ways.


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