January 2013

Sabastiya, the fruits of history and the memory of John the Baptist

Sabastiya is a small Palestinian town that takes its name from Sebaste/Samaria, today a destination for pilgrimages to the tomb of St. John the Baptist.

Using texts, photographs, videos and maps of the site, the exhibition put together by ATS pro Terra Sancta tells the story of the excavations, and the positive impact the project has had both in terms of restoring the village’s historical center and showing the inhabitants how to make better use of their historical and cultural heritage.

Untill now, the exhibition has been hosted in:

– Milan, Catholic University of Milan, on February-March 2011.

– Florence,Medici Riccardi Palace, on October-November 2011.

– Vicenza (Italy), Loggia del Capitaniato, on May 2012.

– Crespellano (Italy), Church of San Rocco, on September 2012.

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