School bags and school materials for the children of Bethlehem: ATS pro Terra Sancta promotes education

Giacomo Pizzi6 September 2011

Summer has come to an end and in the Holy Land too the school year begins anew.

On this occasion as well ATS pro Terra Sancta wishes to remain close to the children of Bethlehem and their families, who want to be able to offer a good education to their sons and daughters.

Through its collaboration with the Franciscan Social Service Office, the social office of St. Catherine’s Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, ATS pro Terra Sancta is providing school materials to the poorest children, including school bags, writing materials, school uniforms and clothing.

In addition, as part of the project “Bethlehem and the children in the Holy Land”, ATS pro Terra Sancta is helping families to meet their children’s school fees, as well as essential medical expenses required to support the education of children most in need, including those with learning problems.

ATS pro Terra Sancta, with your help, wants to continue helping children and the most needy in Bethlehem, seeking  to provide them new opportunities for growth in the midst of a very difficult social situation that clearly fails to take sufficient account of the weakest elements of the population.