November 2014

Starting soon the Terra Sancta Organ Festival

The Terra Sancta Organ Festival (Holy Land Organ Festival) is an international music event and a cultural activity in which the Custody of the Holy Land allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of its pipe organs, an asset that would otherwise be restricted to Latin Catholics in their liturgies. The first edition of the festival will take place in Israel and Palestine starting November 5 until November 28, 2014. A “Prelude” of the event was held on the Greek island of Rhodes from September 30 to October 4.

The sound of the organ is, in the Middle East, a sign of the Christian presence: organs are found inside most churches and in the churches are found Christians. An international organ festival, taking place here, in this Holy Land, represents not only a recreational, artistic and cultural moment but also the public manifestation of this presence, today under threat in many areas of the region. The Terra Sancta Organ Festival seeks to support this presence not only by giving it visibility but also by promoting the restoration of the organs and the training of new local organists.

The Terra Sancta Organ Festival is the only music festival taking place in different countries. Our hope is that, starting from Israel, Palestine and Greece, the festival will eventually reach in the next years the other places where the Custody of the Holy Land has a presence: Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt and… Syria (Inshallah). Everyone, whatever their religious background, is invited to attend the concerts. A special invitation is extended to pilgrims and tourists with a passion for music.

The Festival is organized and produced by the Custody of the Holy Land. The Commissariats of the Holy Land in Germany and in the United States, the Franciscan Media Center, the Magnificat Institute, the website, the Christian Information Center, the Association Pro Terra Sancta and the Franciscan fraternities – where the concerts take place – have all collaborated in various ways.

For furhter information please visit the website, or our page dedicated to the project. 

On attachment the Press Release of the event.

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