bombardamenti aleppo

The account of the friars of Aleppo: the Syrian humanitarian emergency continues

Giacomo Pizzi4 April 2013

The news received from the Franciscan friars of Aleppo speaks of continued violence. However, this did not stop the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter. They were celebrated with a large influx of people and in the presence of the Bishop. Read the Franciscans’ complete account published on

What the Christian community of Syria is undergoing is thus a Passion with no end in sight. People continue to flee, abandoning their homes and seeking to find safety from the violence that is occurring throughout the country. The number of dead and injured is increasing at an alarming rate, within the Christian community as well. Often there is no electricity, water or telephone.

The friars who are located in Syrian towns and villages are remaining in place to give their support in every way possible to the people who have stayed, seeking to represent a sign of hope for them.

We are relaunching the appeal initially made by the Custos of the Holy Land more than a year ago, but unfortunately more than ever relevant today: let us stay close to the Syrian people!

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