The Catholic Action of Vicenza in support of the families of Bethlehem

Giacomo Pizzi4 December 2012

Since 2005 families of the Catholic Action of Vicenza and families most in need in Bethlehem have been joined through a great gesture of generosity and kindness.

The project was set up in the years following the second intifada, with the main aim of providing support to families in accessing medical care through private insurance due to the complete lack of publicly funded services and facilities. Unfortunately, to the present day there has been no progress in healthcare services, despite efforts by the Palestinian Authority, and the situation remains one of pressing urgency. Furthermore, private health insurance costs have risen dramatically. Therefore, since 2010, funds provided by Italian families have been used to improve the living conditions of Palestinian families, based on particular needs identified by the dedicated work of the social workers from the Franciscan Social Service Office.

This year, thanks to contributions from the Catholic Action of Vicenza, and in collaboration with a local NGO, a coordinated effort was put into action to improve the homes of the supported families: the local NGO organised the renovation works and the FSSO, together with the generosity of the families from Vicenza, attended to the furnishings to create a welcoming environment. The entire project was overseen by ATS pro Terra Sancta, which is duly attentive to the welfare of the living stones most in need in the birthplace of Jesus.

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